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Changing lives by giving solar panels a second life


No Solar Panels in Landfill

In Australia, as solar systems are being upgraded, we encourage business and home owners to donate or sell us their working de-commissioned solar panels. During replacements, up to 80% of solar panels can still be used, so we are working to prevent this valuable energy resource becoming waste in land-fill. 



From our warehouse on The Gold Coast, we load the used solar panels into shipping containers and send them to West Africa. In Nigeria, the used panels are transported to rural areas where they receive a second life, powering essential appliances and providing lighting for many more years to come. 

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Our Mission

The Alight Project is a social enterprise based in Queensland, Australia. We are on a mission to make solar energy accessible to the roughly 60% of Africans who live without electricity. Energy poverty is the ultimate economic hindrance as it prevents people from participating in the modern economy. When used solar panels are teamed with simple systems, people's lives change for the better. Our mission is to make solar energy affordable by giving those in rural areas of Africa access to quality used solar panels. 

The generous support of many has made our project successful. With the help of like-minded businesses and individuals we collect used solar panels and from our warehouse, we then load them into shipping containers and send them to Nigeria, West Africa. It's a win-win. We keep used panels out of land-fill at home and change peoples lives abroad. 

If you would like to know more about The Alight Project or get on board by donating or selling us your

used solar panels then please send us your details. 

Our Story

Our inspiration for The Alight Project came after three siblings from Australia wished to improve conditions for their grandparents, living in a small village in Eastern Nigeria. Okpo village is in Enugu-Ezike of Enugu State, Nigeria. People living there face the challenge of existing in a modern world, without the basics of modern life...electricity. 

Upon returning to Australia, we set about to rectify the problem by pioneering a redistribution program that supplied working used panels from Australia to the communities in Nigeria. 

With the help of many wonderful companies in Queensland, panels are collected locally. We then ship the panels to Nigeria, where they are installed locally. What we are doing is both sustainable as well as meaningful. We love it!


The Alight Project is proud to sponsor the
training of girls into the solar industry in Nigeria.
It takes a brave girl to enter a field dominated by boys, but we are expanding cultural norms, raising expectations and creating employment  opportunities. 
Welcome to the new generation of solar Queens. Go Girls!

Girls in Solar

Thanks to these awesome companies who have partnered with us!

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